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Stop the FTAA Information Lockdown

IP Justice Report from the FTAA Trade Ministerial Meeting in Miami
November 16-20, 2003


Excessive Force:
"Bush Bullies Foreign Trade Ministers and US Protesters"

By IP Justice Executive Director Robin D. Gross, Esq.
Published November 21, 2003
FTAA Police


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Table of Contents:

I. No Agreement Reached in Miami , US Pushes for Bloated IPR Chapter in FTAA Treaty

II. IP Justice Participation at FTAA Civil Society Forum on Intellectual Property Rights

1. Lack of Transparency and the Undemocratic Process in Treaty's Creation

2. Expanded Copyrights in FTAA Endanger Civil Liberties and Competition

3. Drug Patents and Trademark Rights Pose Serious Threat to Public Health

4. FTAA's Patenting of Life Endangers Food and Agriculture in Americas

5. Civil Society Recommends Trade Ministers Delete Entire IP Chapter

III. IP Justice Participation at Workshop: Negotiating Intellectual Property Provisions in Free Trade Agreements

1. FTAA's Expansion of Trademarks Threatens Freedom of Expression

2. Wisdom of High Patent Protection for Poor Countries Questioned

3. Exclusive Rights Over Generic Medicine Test Data Threatens Public Health

4. US Pressing for Highest Level of Intellectual Property Protection on Planet

5. FTAA Would Enact Unwritten and Unconstitutional Database Protection in US

6. Private California Corporation to Decide All Countries' Domain Name Disputes

7. Poor Farmers Harmed by FTAA's Intellectual Property Rules for Agrochemicals

IV. Police Use Violence and Excessive Force Against Peaceful Anti-FTAA Demonstrators and Journalists

V. US Pressure on South for Stricter Intellectual Property Rights Intensifies


Top 10 Reasons to Delete the IP Chapter of the FTAA:
1. Threatens to imprison millions of people for P2P filesharing of music
2. Restrains trade and prevents competition
3. Chills freedom of expression and scientific research
4. Stifles innovation
5. Undermines democracy and national sovereignty
6. Outlaws bypassing restrictions on one's own property

Limits personal use and fair use rights

8. Permits copyrighting of facts and scientific data
9. Threatens privacy and due process rights
10. Threatens to impose life + 70 copyright term on other nations
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